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No matter, if you are a straight PvE (Player versus Environment) player, someone who wants to give Guild Wars 2 another try, or simply struggling in your journey through the Player versus Player content, be my guest. Playing against other players can be a frightening, overwhelming experience, if you’re not familiar with PvP; especially, if you can’t find satisfaction within trial and error. Within this ever growing library you will find all you need to know to get started, explained from the very beginning to the end.

Video Guides

How To Rotate

What Is Conquest Mode ?
All sPvP Maps Explained
Which Queue Should I Pick ?

How Does Gear Work In PvP ?
All Downstate Skills Explained
Mapvision / Map Awareness

Critique Done Right
How To Avoid Frustration / Mindset
Keybindings / Hotkeys


Written Guides

Explanation Of Abbreviations