MetaBattle Wiki
A reliable resource for meta builds, streams and guides related to PvP.
All news, schedules and coverage of events in the PvP community.
Also has a cool forum.

Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards
Official site, which displays rankings.

Blu’s Twitch Channel
Official GW2 shoutcaster. Broadcasts ESL tournaments.

Jebro’s Twitch Channel
Official GW2 Shoutcaster. Broadcasts ESL tournaments.


Official Guild Wars 2 Forums
Community forum hosted by ArenaNet.

Guild Wars 2 Subreddit
Reddit is a social networking service. The Guild Wars 2 subreddit is an excellent place to stay up to date.

Guild Wars 2 Twitch Game Directory
A list of all active GW2 streamers.

Official Guild Wars 2 Twitch Channel
Twitch channel held by ArenaNet. Often the place of new episodes of “Ready Up” and “Point of Interest”, but also of announcements.

That_Shamans Blog
Popular dataminer.


Newssite for Guild Wars 2 related articles, directed by the community itself.

 Various Youtube Channel
The official YouTube channel of Twitter Account
The official Twitter account of All updates will be posted there.

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